Car Dealers Exposed : Everything You Must Know Before You Buy a Car! eBook

Conversely, if you're not planning to buy your new car for several months, tell the salesperson that, too. You may not want a lot of immediate follow-up from the dealership if you're not yet ready ...

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Robert Reuter Black Belt Bob
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15 Jun 2011

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Attention: Car Shoppers: Do Not Step foot on a car dealership without knowing the sneaky, underhanded tricks, the salesmen use to rip you off. I'm going to share with you the insider secrets, that I learned to work in the car industry, and it's going to make you furious! How car dealers rip you off every time? How to protect yourself from their scams, schemes, and tricks so you're never ripped off again. I don't care if YOU have... -Terrible credit -Unpaid medical bills -Unpaid student loans -Lost your home in foreclosure -Maxed out credit card limits -No Down Payment You can still buy a car! Former car salesman Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" reveals the dirty insider secrets car dealers use to rip you off and how you can make yourself bullet proof from their sneaky attacks. I have sold new and used cars for 4 years and met Mr. X who has sold cars for 26 years. Mr. X taught me some underground black hat car selling techniques that I will teach you so you will not get ripped off buying a car! Look, I know how you feel, because I was the car salesman sitting on the other side selling you the car. I'm so sick of car dealers and car salesman ripping off customers I switched sides so I can help you. That means I'm on your team, it is us against the car dealers. You will learn the Car Dealers Exposed Car Buying System taught to car salesmen. Everything you must know before you buy a new or used car. Here are just a few things you will learn: -HOW TO BUY OR SELL A CAR USING CRAIGSLIST -HOW TO FIND CARS FUEL ECONOMY AND FUEL COSTS -HOW TO RESEARCH ON AUTOTRADER -HOW TO RESEARCH ON EBAY MOTORS -HOW TO RESEARCH CARFAX VEHICLE HISTORY HOW CAR DEALERS MAKE MONEY HOW CAR SALESMAN GET PAID THE CAR SALESMAN TRAINING SYSTEM "10 STEPS TO SELLING YOU A CAR" -What to Say to a Salesman Who Ask's do You Have a Car To Trade? -HOW CAR DEALERS WILL APPRAISE YOUR CAR -HOW TO FIND THE INVOICE ON YOUR NEW CAR -HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE 4 SQUARE PRESENTATION OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND PRICE OF CAR (Step 6 - Negotiate) 4 square worksheet case study How to Buy a New Car with a Trade with ACV (actual cash value) versus Trade Allowance -YOUR CREDIT SCORE DETERMINES FINANCE RATES -EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACTS -THE FINAL STEP DELIVERY OF THE CAR -FOLLOW UP & CSI SURVEY -LEASING YOUR CAR VERSUS BUYING HOW TO BUY A CAR WITH HORRIBLE CREDIT GUARANTEED WHATS THE BEST WAY TO BUY A USED CAR -How to sell your car without having to buy a car? -HOW TO BUY USED PARTS FOR YOUR CAR LIKE THE MECHANICS AND CAR DEALERS You will learn how to not pay the doc or processing fee... Save $299 to $599 When you buy a new car, the price difference from MSRP or Add on stickers to invoice cost could be $1,500 to $5,000. You're going to learn how to buy a car at invoice so you could Save anywhere from 30x to 100x If you're going to trade your car in to the car dealer, they will hold money back... Save anywhere from $500 to $2,000 You will learn how to get leather installed at dealer cost saving you $1,000 How to buy a used car and sell your car... You will learn how to appraise used cars which will save you double what dealers will sell you the car. For example, if KBB says the retail value of the car is $10,000 and the car dealer bought this car on KBB trade value $5,000 then the car dealer will profit $5,000 on this one car. You're going to know exactly how to price cars saving your thousands of dollars on used car purchases. Plus you get bonus software called Best Research Software as a free digital downloadable gift. The download instructions are inside the book, you will have to visit a website url to download your free software.

Buying a used car can be a smart financial move, but making an impulse buy could mean you end up with a lemon.Whether you're heading to the dealership or buying from a private seller, arming ...